Laundry detergent is an alkaline synthetic detergent used to wash clothes, and proper washing of clothes can help keep babies warm and protect from dust, but if they are not cleaned properly, they may cause skin diseases. Can I use laundry detergent for baby clothes? Ordinary household laundry is not suitable for washing baby clothes, and the baby’s clothes are best washed with washing powder designed for infants and young children. So, what are the precautions for the use of baby laundry detergent? Next, this article will briefly introduce it.

Can baby clothes be washed with laundry detergent

Children’s clothing, especially those worn close to the body, if not cleaned properly, it is very easy to cause damage to the child’s skin, and the alkalinity of washing powder is relatively strong for children, not suitable for the use of such products. Moreover, washing with laundry detergent will produce some chemical residues for children, so it is best to wash your baby’s clothes with laundry detergent designed for infants and young children. For example: the residue of lead and other substances, these will make the texture of the clothes harden, the child feels itchy and uncomfortable after wearing the clothes, if it is worn for a long time, the child’s skin will no longer be delicate, and even skin inflammation, rash and other conditions will occur.

Baby laundry detergents are usually phosphorus-free and consist of a large number of plant-based detergents that effectively reduce skin damage. In addition, the antibacterial ingredients contained in it are also very gentle, which can effectively sterilize without damaging clothing and skin.

Precautions for the use of baby laundry detergent

1. Do not put clothes that are easy to fade with light-colored clothes.

2. Newly purchased colored clothes should be cleaned according to the instructions label during the first washing.

3. If there is a mistaking, you should drink a lot of water immediately and seek medical attention immediately.

4. If the product is accidentally wiped into the eyes during use, it cannot be rubbed with hands, and should be rinsed with running water.

5. If water absorption becomes damp into blocks, don’t worry, these will not affect the effect of the product, you can continue to use.

6. Parents should not place such products in places that children can touch, and it is best to place them in a cool and not humid place.

7. Baby laundry detergent is generally suitable for cleaning cotton, linen, chemical fiber, blended clothes.

8. For babies, young children’s clothes are best not mixed with adults to clean, this is because adults have a wide range of actions, clothes on the bacteria, dirty things are also very many, if mixed together to clean, it is easy to make children’s clothes also stained with these bacteria. Children’s skin is very delicate, its thickness is one-tenth of that of adults, and its resistance to bacteria is completely inferior to that of adults, which may lead to skin diseases if you are not careful. In addition, their underwear and underwear are also best washed separately from their outer clothes, and it is best to prepare a special basin for hand washing.

9. The cleaning products used for cleaning children’s clothes with baby laundry detergent are specially formulated, which can give better protection to children’s skin and also help skin allergies. In addition, soap and soap for infants and young children also have similar effects, and they are better than ordinary public laundry detergent.

10. The use of whitening products to wash clothes white is the most undesirable, because such products will strongly irritate the child’s skin; When the brightener is absorbed by the body, it will quickly bind to the protein in the body, so that it cannot be easily discharged.

11. Cleaning the dirt on the clothes is only the first step to complete the washing, and rinsing as the second step is very important. Parents must rinse with clean water about 3 times when cleaning until the washed water is clear. Otherwise, the chemical components left on the clothes will have a great impact on the child, and its harmful effect is not inferior to dirt.

How to choose baby laundry detergent

1. Pay attention to its outer packaging when purchasing, see whether the design of the packaging bag is easy to use, whether the sealing effect is good enough, if you buy it in a physical store, remember to observe whether its packaging design is conducive to picking and placing it.

2. Carefully check whether the physical object is adulterated, whether the color is colorless, whether it will smell pungent odor, in addition, it is best not to choose a strong fragrance.

3. Carefully observe its explanatory text to see if there is a relevant explanation of gentleness; In addition, pay attention to check whether there is an indication of pH, after all, children’s clothes are easy to get dirty, and most of them need to be washed by hand rubbing, so pay attention to whether the PH value of baby laundry detergent will cause injury to the mother’s hands when purchasing. When cleaning, you should also consider whether changing the product will hurt your mother’s hands.

4. The last is to investigate the cleaning strength, this indicator generally to go home to use to know, mother can carefully observe it, see if the product for mud, milk stains and other cleaning effect is good, in order to judge whether to continue to buy the baby laundry detergent for the second time.