Since there is a baby at home, many parents will think about dressing their baby beautifully or cute and cool every day, so dressing the baby will be more fashionable. As everyone knows, the baby’s physiological function development is not perfect enough, and there are certain restrictions on the wearing of some clothes. So how do you wear baby clothes? The following introduces the dressing principles of several common clothes, let’s take a look.


  • How to use

    Apply oil, ointment, parents can buy petroleum jelly oil, zinc oxide ointment and other diaper creams on the market before use, rub on the surface of the baby’s skin, and use it together with diapers to make the baby’s skin no longer damp.

    When changing into new diapers, it is recommended to prepare everything in advance, such as paste or oil, clean diapers, soft towels and warm water.

  • Replacement frequency

    It is normal to change it every half hour or four times a day. At the beginning, it can be changed 6~7 times a day, and gradually changed to 4 times a day as the baby grows up. Also, since diapers are not breathable, it is better to change them 2 times at night.

  • Precautions for use

    Do not wrap the diaper too tightly, it will stuff the baby’s delicate and sensitive skin; Do not wipe your buttocks with a tissue because it can easily scratch the skin on your baby’s buttocks, causing infection and swelling around the anus.

Sleeping bag
  • How to pick

    0-8 months: Will not turn over, feet will pedal the quilt. Choose a loose sleeping bag that doesn’t give your baby a sense of restraint. Such as gourd type, envelope type, etc

    1-3 years old: more activities during sleep, turning over more, choose sleeping bags such as clothes and envelopes

    3-7 years old: Start to learn to use your own sleeping bag and quilt, choose products that have a sense of restraint or sleeve quilt that feels close to the quilt

  • Sleeping bag size

    Most of the sleeping bags on the market before are not divided into models according to the age of the baby, most of them are “one size fits all” products, but it is not practical to keep warm, newborn babies buy a small sleeping bag, although the use time is short and somewhat luxurious, but the appropriate sleeping bag will play its due role, do not think about a sleeping bag from 0 years old to 6 years old.

  • Sleeping bag style

    There are two types of vest and sleeves, and there is also a rectangular drill-in sleeping bag. When using a vest sleeping bag, your baby can leave his arms out of the bag to prevent his arms from being restrained, while regulating body temperature, which can cause excessive temperature and limit the movement of your baby’s arms, but is suitable for use in the cold season. There is also a sleeping bag with removable sleeves, which combines the advantages of a sleeved sleeping bag and a sleeveless sleeping bag.

  • Sleeping bag fabric

    Sleeping bags are generally divided into thick and thin, the former is generally wool or pure cotton material, good warmth, the latter is generally pure cotton fabric or gauze, sweat absorption and breathability are good. Conditional mothers can prepare a thin sleeping bag and a thick sleeping bag, thin for use in the cool spring and autumn, and thick for use in the cold winter.


  • Types of jumpsuits

    Full open button: that is, the jumpsuit is buttoned from top to bottom, and it is relatively firm after buttoning

    Pullover: This jumpsuit is a little cumbersome to put on and take off, and is generally suitable for older babies

    Lace-up type: Because its shape resembles a butterfly, many mothers also call it a butterfly suit

  • Age of use

    Doctors and baby care specialists advise: it is best for children under the age of two to wear a jumpsuit and do not wear pants with elastic belts, so that it will not affect the development of the child’s ribs. Newborns to preschool children should not wear elastic pants that will affect the development of the chest and abdomen, and are prone to the separation of clothes and pants

  • How to wear a jumpsuit

    When wearing a jumpsuit, unfasten it first. Unbutton all the buttons of the jumpsuit, lay it flat, and place your baby on the garment with the neck aligned with the collar. Thread the legs first, one at a time, and fasten the buckle under the diaper so that your baby’s leg can’t be stretched. When the arm goes in, the mother first pulls up the sleeve, uses one hand to open the cuff, pulls the baby’s arm into the sleeve, and pulls the length of the sleeve to the short.

  • Are jeans good

    The fabric is thick and hard, has poor breathability and heat dissipation function, poor heat dissipation, and can induce allergies

    Chemical stimulation, jeans dyeing requires formaldehyde, easy to cause skin problems

    The crotch of jeans is too tight and has poor air permeability, which will cause the child’s crotch temperature to be too high and affect the development of the baby’s reproductive system

  • Dress carefully

    It is recommended that parents wear less jeans for their babies. If you have to wear jeans for your baby, don’t choose jeans with small feet

    In terms of color, it is better to choose a light color

    When dressing your baby in jeans, it’s best to wear soft, sheer-through, sweat-wicking underwear

    It is recommended that babies wear more cotton clothes, cotton has the characteristics of softness, breathability, sweat absorption, will make the baby feel more comfortable


  • Leggings hazards

    The skin of the perineum of the baby girl is delicate, and the tight tights with poor gas penetration for a long time will rub the skin and suffer from vulvititis

    The musculoskeletal increase all the time, and blended leggings bind the hips and lower limbs, which can hinder growth and development

    Leggings tightly wrap 2/3 of the skin of the whole body, hinder the heat dissipation process, and will inevitably affect the baby’s body temperature regulation

    The baby’s skin has a thin stratum corneum and a rich capillary network, and wearing this non-cotton tights is most likely to cause allergic dermatitis or papular urticaria.

  • How to wear leggings

    If the mother occasionally wears leggings for her baby 1 or 2 times, it is not impossible. Long-term wearing of leggings has a certain impact on the baby’s reproductive development and skin

    If parents especially want to dress up their babies cool, pay attention to choose materials, try to avoid too thick, too hard, impermeable fabrics. Please do not buy leggings sold at stalls or unreliable stores, which are often mixed with low-quality cotton or large quantities of acrylon, please buy genuine products with 100% or more pure cotton texture.


  • Is a down jacket good

    Babies can wear a down jacket. When the weather gets colder, down jackets are very popular warm clothing, but it is generally not recommended for such small babies to wear down jackets, and babies try to wear pure cotton clothes. In addition to down is easy to cause the baby’s delicate and sensitive skin and respiratory allergies, and infants and young children should be mainly clothed with cotton to reduce the damage of static electricity and allergies. Moreover, it is not recommended that the baby wear high-temperature clothing, and long-term excessive warmth of the baby may cause “infant fever syndrome”.

  • Dress carefully

    In general, it is recommended that babies wear down jackets until they are over 3 years old to reduce the possibility of allergies, and choose a good quality down jacket to wear.

    When washing your baby’s clothes, it is best not to send them to a dry cleaner for dry cleaning, because dry cleaning is mainly through the use of organic chemical solvents, which are likely to leave organic chemicals that are harmful or irritating to your baby’s skin after washing.

    The down should choose the kind of soft and hairless, check whether the workmanship of the clothes is exquisite, and pay attention to the quality of the down jacket accessories.