Sweatshirts are liked by many people because of their warm and comfortable characteristics, and children also look fashionable and cute when wearing children’s sweaters. Let’s take a look at the styles and purchasing skills of children’s sweatshirts with the editor.

What are the styles of children’s sweatshirts?

1. Three-piece set

Sweatshirt styles will be worn all year round, but the three seasons of spring, autumn and winter wear the most, then there will definitely be people who say that winter is so cold, wearing sweaters will not be cold? NO, it will definitely not be cold, because in winter there is a winter sweatshirt, that is, a three-piece sweatshirt, a thickened sweatshirt, thickened pants, and a thickened vest, will such a three-piece suit still be cold in winter?

2. Sweatshirt T-shirt
Friends who like sweatshirts in winter still have to continue to insist on their own personalized dress, sweatshirts can also be worn inside, worn alone in the winter cold, but the inner layer is definitely a good choice, the round neck sweatshirt T-shirt style is the most suitable choice for winter underwear.

3. Long sweatshirt
Sweatshirt is a cute must for little girls Oh, sweatshirts can be very versatile, can be worn alone or with a jacket, little girls wear sweaters appear more sweet and cute, and long sweatshirts are the best match, length and width can be freely matched with a leggings can easily go out.

4. Sports sweatshirt
Many people only have a very vague understanding of sweaters, think that sweatshirts only have one style of pullover, sweatshirts actually have many styles, sports sweatshirts are also one of them, in sunny weather, take your baby to wear a sports sweatshirt and run in the morning together, let the baby also love sports.

5. Pullover sweatshirt
Almost everyone has a few sweatshirts in their wardrobe, because sweatshirts are the best helpers for clothing matching, practical all year round, in sweatshirt matching, what kind of sweatshirt do you like the most? One of the simplest sweatshirts is definitely your favorite, and that is the hooded sweatshirt, simple and versatile.

How to choose a children’s sweatshirt

1. Consider the fabric of the sweatshirt.
Generally cotton-based, or a little blended, belongs to knitted terry cloth (three-thread lining weft), the front is a knitted pattern, the inside is a terry, if it is fluffed, it is called flannel. , because it has a high chance of wearing it close to the body and pays attention to comfort!

2. Choose the style of the sweatshirt.
Usually there is a round neck, pullover, half-open collar, and full doors. Different styles will feel different when worn. Half-open collar and full-open doors are generally more casual and stylish.

The choice of fabric, if the fabric selection is not good, then it is easy to lose the functionality of the sweatshirt, the market especially in some online shopping sold cheap sweaters, most of them are CVC fabrics, that is, what we usually call polyester cotton, poor air permeability, and will produce static electricity, uncomfortable to wear, and some even use chemical fiber raw materials, then it is more lost in the warm, breathable characteristics of the sweater.

It is best to use pure cotton fabric, the sweatshirt made is the best in the comfort experience, the best cotton in China is Xinjiang cotton, due to the special geographical environment, Xinjiang cotton wool is long, fiber toughness is high, and the quality is good. Coupled with the combing treatment, combing away shorter cotton fibers and removing impurities in cotton to create smooth yarn, making cotton fibers more resilient and less prone to hairballing, and the quality of cotton is more stable.

In order to further increase the comfort of the sweatshirt, it is also necessary to grind the fabric, preferably carbon grinding, carbon grinding is the use of carbon fiber abrasive wire made of grinding roller for fabric grinding treatment, after treatment there is a peach skin velvet feeling, will not cause damage to the fabric of the strength, no long hair, no edge cover and no abrasive sweatshirt wool strips, color cloth grinding no obvious color difference. Finally, it is washed with soft water to further increase the comfort of the garment, and this feeling will be remembered after skin contact.