Many parents juggle working while their children are homeschooling. Being a homeschool parent is a whole different matter, whether one works in or out of the house.

Owing to the need they still have to work, parents who have wanted to homeschool have not embraced that intention. They think homeschooling cannot be achieved when working. Without a doubt, this is not true.

But even though this is possible, that doesn’t mean that it’s not difficult. In unusually challenging circumstances, we are all doing the best we can, and that is going to be good enough. However, there are some things to bear in mind like the following.

Check Out These Homeschooling Tips for Working Parents

Establish a Homeschooling Routine and Tweak It When Needed

It’s not the first time you’ve heard this, but if there is some predictability regarding when you will work and when the children will study, your homeschooling workday will go much better.

Do not forget to have some frequent meal breaks and planned downtime. A routine would also encourage you to portion the workload to fit the children in (and them with you).

Just because a certain routine has been good for a while does not mean you have to hold to it permanently. Adjust it or try something different if the routine you started out with is flagging or you have gone off track.

Help Children Learn Responsive Helping Skills

Giving them access to easy-to-manage breakfast, lunch, and snacks as soon as they have learned the ability to prepare food for themselves as necessary. No-cook choices and pre-prepared nutritious food are perfect.

If feasible, you can also make food with everyone’s guidance in advance. Set up routines and routines so that your kid can manage tasks individually, such as sharpening a pencil, replacing the toilet paper, or feeding the family pet.

Before calling for your intervention, inspire siblings to assist each other first. It may take some time to improve responsive helping abilities, so start now.

Check Out These Homeschooling Tips for Working Parents

Expect Interruptions and All Possible Shifts

To check on your child and see how things are going, have regular breaks from your job. Anticipate interruptions and unforeseen changes in expectations.

The hot water heater will leak and the puppy will get sick and the whole bin of beads will be knocked over and you will find that on the same day you are out of simple lunch alternatives.

Design Your Space

Our physical environment, just like clothes, influences our mood, our actions, concentration, and efficiency. Space is more important than ever with everyone at home. Ensure that everybody has a work/playroom in your home, a spot where they can be less disturbed.

Get innovative, if not. Try a closet, garage, vehicle, bedroom, or even masking tape an area to establish boundaries on the table in the dining room.

Think about how things can be made less distracting. Do you need headphones or white noise (like a fan or a phone app) to be put on?

Do you need to eliminate visual distractions by closing doors or being away from family members in different rooms?

Wake Up Earlier Than Usual

It does not come as easily as it did in the past to have time for yourself.

Just like being organized around your work and the schoolwork of your children, you need to ensure sure that you take care of yourself and make time for the things that give you happiness.

Get up an hour or two earlier than your family. What those hours mean to you, you have to determine.

The most important thing is to ensure that everybody knows that this is your time and that it should not be compromised. It is important to pay attention to yourself, too.


Working and homeschooling and having a life are not a simple set of plates to keep rolling. But we hope that these homeschooling tips for working parents were able to help you a little.

If you need a break from anything for a few days, grant yourself permission to do so. If it’s time to calm down, relax, scream, make a phone call to a loved one, write in a diary, or whatever feels good to you, allow yourself a chance to express your feelings.