Your little buttery-skinned baby deserves to only have the best touch his skin, so when buying diaper wipes, you’ve got to be careful. Although these days diaper wipes are used for a bunch of stuff, they are supposed to be for babies.

But because they’re used for so many different things, some manufacturers may have gotten lax about the ingredients and so you need to watch out. Generally, diaper wipes are developed for the cleaning of babies.

We’ve researched the variety of diaper wipes available and followed parents’ and caretakers’ comments on the products to determine what you have to look for when buying diaper wipes. We’ve summarized our findings next.

Know What to Look for When Buying Diaper Wipes

Diaper Wipe’s Origin and Current Uses

The “wet-ones” concept was not originally utilized to clean babies’ bums. It was used in the mid-1950s by the emerging post-war tourist industry to provide something to use for cleaning on-the-go.

The American inventor Arthur Julius, who in 1957 modified a soap-portioning machine to provide a pre-moistened wipe, is seen as the inventor of wet wipes. The idea to develop and manufacture wet wipes to clean up your little ones emerged later.

Nowadays diaper wipes are still widely used for personal hygiene purposes, cleansing pads, wound-cleansing, and pet care to name a few. Many also use it as an alternative tor toilet paper.

What Do You Have to Look For When Buying Diaper Wipes?

With your baby in mind, we’ll discuss some of the important factors to keep in mind when buying diaper wipes. The basic requirement is that it should be sensitive, soft, durable, and effective.

But there are many more things to watch out for. We are not discussing it in any specific order of importance. Unfortunately, some of the product information you need to look out for will not be clear on the products’ label.  

You’ll have to use different brands yourself to determine whether it conforms to what you want. Or you can search for product reviews online.


Manufacturers are obligated to state the ingredients on the label. Make sure that harsh chemicals like sodium sulfate, alcohol, chlorine, ammonium, alcohol, or methylisothiazolinone have either not been used at all, or used in very small percentages.

Wipes with natural ingredients like citrus extract or aloe vera extract are always a good choice. Make sure you make a note of the brand causing a rash on your baby’s skin. Never buy that product again.


The wipe must be large enough to offer enough surface for several passes over a dirty bum without re-using the same section again. It must also be large enough to be folded if needed.


It is never a nice feeling to work with a mushy cloth. So choose a wipe that is moist enough but not too weak that it disintegrates.


Most wipes are fragranced to leave a great smell after cleaning-up your baby. Choose the fragrance you prefer, but ensure that it is not too overwhelming for your baby’s developing smell sense.

It is always good to use a hypoallergenic product. It is a plus if it stated on the label that the wipes have never come into contact with nuts, wheat, or gluten.

Easy Use and Biodegradable

Diaper Wipes are generally packed in a package in such a way that the next wipe comes out when you pull out a wipe. If the second wipe pulls out too much a large part of the wipe will be dried out soon.

To use environmentally friendly wipes look for whether they are biodegradable or not.


Shop around at your local outlets and at online stores to get the diaper wipe you prefer at the lowest price. Also, have a look at the bulk price.

Know What to Look for When Buying Diaper Wipes


Diaper wipes are an essential part of your baby toiletry routine, but they are not all made equal. Take time and research different brands to get the best for your baby and use our tips above to get the best wipe for your cutie.