There is a thoughtful little cotton jacket at home, many parents will be like the cute and cute who makes her dress up every day, like a little princess, but so many clothes, how should I choose? Girls of different ages have different points for dressing, so how do little girls dress up the most beautifully? How to choose comfortable and beautiful children’s clothes for your little one? The following introduces you to the dressing and clothing shopping guide for girls of different ages, let’s take a look at how to dress up the little baby beautifully!

0-1 years

0~1 month baby needs safe, loose, breathable, sweat-absorbing clothes, easy to put on and take off, cotton pair shirt is the most suitable intimate underwear for babies of this month. It is also a good choice to use the jumpsuit that comes off the front as a jacket, which is convenient for mom and dad to hold their baby and change their baby’s diaper.

1-3 months is first to choose cotton, light-colored clothing. Monk clothes are of course a must! According to the different seasons, you can choose long sleeves, short sleeves, different thickness of monk clothes, it is recommended to prepare 2, 3 small sizes, more than 4 pieces of slightly larger sizes, small sizes for babies before the full moon, one size larger can be worn until 3 or 4 months.

3-6 months can wear one-piece ha, bag, split pullover underwear. The advantage of a jumpsuit is to protect your baby’s small belly from getting cold, and pullover clothes include a vest and long sleeves.

Toddlers from 6-12 months are prone to falls, and clothing safety is still important. Intimate clothing is still recommended to be light-colored, cotton-based, jumpsuits, split underwear suits are still the mainstream.

1-3 years old

You can wear cute little skirts, dresses and skirts, preferably linen or cotton. You can also wear simple and loose T-shirts and pants, which are more common children’s clothing matches.

Do not choose a material that is easy to shed hair; Do not have pearl sequin decoration, although beautiful, but easy to be eaten by the baby. Many parents think that girls can wear some lace clothes, but babies at this age have delicate skin, and lace will scratch the skin.

Color choice Girls’ clothes can be biased towards pink and purple, but the color is gender-neutral and does not have to be too restrictive. Just choose light-colored clothing.

3-5 years old

You can wear puffy skirts and princess dresses with bows, lace, ruffles, etc. Girls who like activities can choose some loose and comfortable cotton split tops and pants. Not suitable for wearing elastic pants, jumpsuits and bib pants are preferred. You can choose clothes with a pattern that girls like.

Material selection Maigoo Xiaobian recommends that it is mainly breathable pure cotton, do not choose chemical fiber, nylon material. Clothes can be properly laced and lace, but it is better not to choose clothes with pearls, sequins, and string.

5-7 years old

Children of this age have gone to school, and with the increase of physical activity, you can choose more dirt-resistant, wear-resistant, loose and breathable sports suits. Parents can put some chiffon skirts on their children and dress them up as dignified and quiet little ladies. If you wear a shirt with a pleated skirt, you can wear it with a strong preppy style. At this time, the child has his own opinions, and can be appropriately matched according to the child’s hobbies, and appropriately choose clothes with bright colors, with various pearls, embroidery, and sequin accessories.