There are little boys at home, and many parents don’t know how to dress their children well, so how do boys dress and match to be fashionable? Parents always want their children to dress handsome and cool, and when choosing clothes for children, they should not only consider fashion, but also ensure their children’s health and comfort! Different age groups of boys have different points for dressing, the following introduces you to the dressing guide for boys of an age, let your little boy become handsome BOY!

0-1 years

0~1 month baby needs safe, loose, breathable, sweat-absorbing clothes, easy to put on and take off, cotton pair shirt is the most suitable intimate underwear for babies of this month. It is also a good choice to use the jumpsuit that comes off the front as a jacket, which is convenient for mom and dad to hold their baby and change their baby’s diaper.

1-3 months Maigoo Xiaobian recommends that the first thing is to choose pure cotton and light-colored clothing. Monk clothes are of course a must! According to the different seasons, you can choose long sleeves, short sleeves, different thickness of monk clothes, it is recommended to prepare 2, 3 small sizes, more than 4 pieces of slightly larger sizes, small sizes for babies before the full moon, one size larger can be worn until 3 or 4 months.

3-6 months can wear one-piece ha, bag, split pullover underwear. The advantage of a jumpsuit is to protect your baby’s small belly from getting cold, and pullover clothes include a vest and long sleeves.

Toddlers from 6-12 months are prone to falls, and clothing safety is still important. Intimate clothing is still recommended to be light-colored, cotton-based, jumpsuits, split underwear suits are still the mainstream.

1-3 years old

Do not bring rope clothes with rope, it is easy for the baby to put in the mouth, unhygienic. Second, if the rope is accidentally hung around the baby’s neck, it will bring great safety risks.

Do not bring zippers babies are naturally active, zippers are pulled around by the baby, easy to clamp body parts, bringing safety hazards to the baby.

Do not bring decorations such as some clothes inlaid with beads, sequins and other trinkets, the baby is curious to grasp, if accidentally put in the mouth, is a very dangerous thing.

Don’t tighten the baby’s age is still young, the body is still in the development stage, tights and pants will cause the baby’s body blood circulation to be blocked, which will have a certain impact on growth and development.

Light colors should be selected in light and plain colors, such as milky white, light pink, light blue. These clothes generally do not contain phosphors and are not easy to fade.

The style is recommended for children’s clothing to be mainly split clothing, choose a simple cotton top, round neck T-shirt, polo shirt, small tank top, and choose loose bottoms that are easy to put on and take off.

3-5 years old

3-5 years old boys are at a fun age, most of the time is playing, playing, the most perfect is to choose color coordination, loose casual clothes. Some simple warm colors for boys of this age do not need to be too complicated. They will have their own preferences and can choose clothes with their favorite cartoon characters, animal motifs. In addition to casual sweatshirt pants, you can also pair a T-shirt with bib pants to give a little gentlemanly feeling.

5-7 years old

In the choice of clothing styles, the general styles can be controlled, and parents can freely dress their children according to their wishes. At this time, the little boy has reached school age, and the amount of exercise in kindergarten and school will increase accordingly, so loose and comfortable sports suits are still the first choice. You can also choose some solid color small shirts, with small vests and trousers to create a preppy style.