Babies with poor physique wear down jackets, easy to cause allergies and asthma, in addition, the formaldehyde content of down jackets is too high, which will affect the health of the baby, what to do if the down jacket drills, what to do if the down jacket has a smell, how to wash the down jacket and other knowledge introduction. Next, the online editor will introduce you to the knowledge of children’s down jackets in detail.

Children’s down jackets have become the new favorite of sales. Although the price is comparable to adult clothing, it still attracts many young parents to buy. But some people will question whether the baby can wear a down jacket? Because after all, the baby’s physique is weak, and there are many counterfeiting and shoddy phenomena in down jackets, so it is questioned whether babies can wear down jackets. So, can babies wear down jackets?

Because the down in the down jacket is easy to cause allergies and asthma, it is generally not recommended to wear it for small babies, and the baby’s own body temperature regulation ability is poor, and the down jacket may cause the baby’s body temperature to be too high. Mothers can wear cotton clothes for their babies, and the warmth effect is also good. However, each baby has individual differences, depending on the baby’s physique.

Down jacket drilling phenomenon ingeniously identified down jacket drilling hair what to do

Special reminder: the baby’s down jacket must look at its formaldehyde content, this is very important, if the formaldehyde content of the down jacket is too high, do not wear it to the baby.

What to do with children’s down jacket drilling?

Down jacket drilling for consumers, always affect the mood. Because most people spend a high price, but they don’t know that they can buy a down jacket that can drill feathers, which of course will cause consumer indignation! So why do down jackets drill? The reason why the phenomenon of down jacket drilling is mostly because there are certain problems with the down used in down jackets. If you buy a down jacket made of thin fabric and sparse down, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of down jacket drilling.

What to do to avoid down jacket drilling? When we buy a down jacket, it is best to buy a down jacket with a double-sided design. When purchasing, you can feel that there is a thin layer of cloth inside the outermost fabric. Pay attention to observation when buying a down jacket, in general, the intimate inner layer design is easier to drill, so you must not only pay attention to the outer layer when choosing, the fabric inside is more important, down jacket should not only choose double layers, but also preferably two layers of thicker inside! When buying a down jacket, it is best not to buy a down jacket that feels thin and sparse and does not have thick fabrics. This also avoids buying a down jacket that can drill feathers on the one hand!

What should I do if the down jacket smells?

1. Dry in time. Under normal circumstances, in June every year, that is, when the sun is the hottest, cotton clothes and bedding should be taken out to dry, which is our family tradition, so the cotton clothes and bedding after drying are all sweet and sunny smell, so that the winter does not feel cold, and there is no peculiar smell.

2. Put a pleasant and pleasant smoked ball in the wardrobe. You can choose different smells of lavender balls according to your liking, so that when you wear clothes, you will have your favorite smell, and your mood will get better.

3. Re-clean. You can re-wash the down jacket with odor, of course, if you take it to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning, you must remember to ventilate and dry to remove the odor of dry cleaning.

4. Hang in a ventilated place. If it is only a slight smell on the cabinet wall, you can also hang the down jacket in a ventilated place, and the smell will dissipate after 1 or 2 days.

5. Spray perfume. If it is a slight smell, it does not hinder normal wear, but if you are worried that wearing it will affect others, you can also spray a little perfume, which will cover the weak smell.

How do you wash a down jacket?

1. The down jacket needs to be washed by hand, it is best not to wash it in the washing machine. On the inside of the down jacket we buy, there will be a small label printed with the ingredients of the down jacket and washing instructions, and basically hand washing will be printed on the small label, and if you wash it by other methods, the warmth of the down jacket and the filling inside will be damaged.

2. The water temperature for washing the down jacket, it is recommended that the water temperature be between 20-40 ° C, first blister the down for a quarter of an hour, and press the down jacket with your hand to make it as quickly as possible. In addition, you don’t need to put too much detergent, it’s almost enough, and you can wash it gently with a soft brush. When rinsing, the water should also be lukewarm.

3. After the down jacket is washed, do not wring it out by hand, you can gently squeeze out the water with a retraction, and then dry it, and remember not to expose it to the sun.

4. The water temperature must be controlled when washing, and do not use a washing board when washing. Down jackets should not be washed frequently, so please take care of them cleanly. In addition, some down jackets can not be dry cleaned, when washing, look at the small label on the inside of the down jacket and clean it according to the instructions on the small label.