Creativity is an element not to be missed at Christmas. Especially when there are small children at home. A fun way to entertain the youngest child in the family is to replace the purchased classic Christmas nativity with a nativity scene made entirely of recycled materials. In the following lines of this article, it shows how to make an nativity scene using recycled materials.

Steps to follow:

1: To create nativity scenes, you can use a variety of recycled materials, from tin cans, corks, Coca-Cola cans, milk cartons or plasticine, etc. If you don’t have any of the materials listed below at home, don’t worry, you can always look for similar materials to shape your birth. It will definitely look just as good.

2: We will start at the Bethlehem Portal. They definitely use chopsticks at home. Take some glue to glue them up and set them up as a booth. Reinforce them from behind and glue them layer by layer until a consistent figure is left and it still stands like a roof. Once you have the Bethlehem portal, cover it with a newspaper strip and leave an opening where the nativity figure will be placed.

3: Children always have some plasticine at home , leftovers left by different cans, you never know what to do with them. In this case, we will use them as numbers of the birth of Jesus. That is, the baby Jesus, the Virgin, St. Joseph, the cow, the mule and the angel. The facial features of the characters do not need to be very detailed. For example, a virgin can be made into a flesh-colored head, a blue cloak, and a white body or tunic. The same will happen to St. Joseph, who will be dressed in white with a brown cloak and children.

4: The next step is to decorate the Christmas scene. Albal paper can be used to simulate rivers. This paper has the advantage of being prone to wrinkling, so it simulates the waves of a river, thus providing greater realism to the birth of Jesus.

5: Place the tree by the river. If you have corks at home, these allow you to become a trunk, while the leaves can be made of green plasticine. This will create a very colorful and vibrant forest.

6: Continuing the trend of cork, we also use them for other animals in nativity scenes. For sheep, you can use a cork on the trunk and cover them with cotton. On the other hand, for the camels of the Three Sages, the legs and neck could be fixed with a stick, and the head was fixed to the torso made of cork.