The birth of a baby, full of joy …… and parents, would hate to all the best in the world, are held in front of the child, in the treatment of the selection of clothes, is also the case, we become will pay extra attention, then, you new parents in the selection of clothing for babies need to pay attention to what?

First, look at the material
In the purchase of clothing for babies, clothing material is the first thing to take into account. Because the baby’s skin is delicate and easily sensitive, it is best to choose cotton, breathable, soft clothes for babies. General cotton content of more than 95% even if it is pure cotton, skin-friendly, breathable and good, easy to absorb sweat. If you do not pay attention, choose a blend, chemical fiber material clothes for babies to wear, it may lead to discomfort, unexplained crying, and even because of the clothing will appear to rub the neck, armpits and other delicate parts of the situation, allergy symptoms.

Second, look at the label
In fact, the regular clothing brand on the baby’s clothing or have relatively strict safety standards, including formaldehyde, fluorescent agents and pH value and other aspects have clear requirements, these knowledge points will be included in the label. Therefore, the mother in the child to buy clothes, must be able to see the label, including fabric composition, safety categories, washing instructions and other key information need to pay attention to. Children’s clothing is generally divided into three categories of clothing ABC, will be directly indicated on the label, the best is the A class can be worn close to the body, the next point is B class, C class is not close to wear, generally only do the jacket. In the purchase, to choose the regular channels and brands, through the clothing label to judge, you can accurately grasp how to buy clothes for children.

Third, look at the style
Many moms and dads like to choose some design clothes for their children in order to be fashionable and beautiful. But these clothes often come with gorgeous decorations, such as small beads, small scales and so on, easy to form a “safety hazard”. Because the child’s curiosity is very strong, especially interested in blingbling things, like to put in the mouth “taste”. Therefore, in the choice of clothing style, should be simple, do not choose too bright colors, too complex style, which can reduce formaldehyde pollution, but also to reduce the risk, for small babies also easy to put on and take off, easy to take care of.

Four, look at the size
Many parents who will “live”, especially grandparents generation, to buy clothes for children have a subconscious choice: because children grow fast, so clothes tend to buy to the big. Think clothes a little bigger, the next year can still wear. In fact, this is also unreasonable, although the child is growing up, can be slightly larger in the choice of clothing, so that children wear loose, comfortable. However, long-term to raise children wearing too big clothes, not only does not fit, but also make the child give a sloppy, not spiritual feeling, over time, affect the child’s mental health and self-confidence, it is not worth the loss.

According to the baby’s development, different months of age suitable for wearing different styles.
1. 0-2 months
Suitable for monk clothes , butterfly clothes (clam clothes)
Newborn soft and soft, the first two months change diapers more frequently, choose this easy to put on and take off the best clothes. The first three months basically do not consider the style style.
2. 3-6 months
Fart suit, one piece suit
Almost from 2 months onwards, the baby’s energy likes to grab and pull, at this time the butterfly clothing straps are often ripped open, you can consider the clothes with buttons. The second and third months can be considered depending on the degree of baby’s neck hardness overhead models of clothing, such as fart clothes. One-piece clothes are also good, especially from the fifth month onwards, the baby rolls over more easily, wear one-piece clothes to prevent the exposure of a small belly.
3. 7-10 months
One-piece clothes and fuzzy clothes
From the point of view of warmth, one-piece and fart coverings can be a good protection for the baby’s belly. This stage of the baby is active, good movement of the baby 8 months can crawl very slippery, one-piece clothes fit better, but be careful to buy even footed clothes, even footed clothes small may be strangled baby’s feet ha. The baby is a bit tired of pressing the button more. With zipper jumpsuit is also possible, but be careful to buy the top with a protective cover to avoid scratching the baby.
4. 10 months +
Separate bodysuit
Generally speaking, according to the progress of the addition of complementary food 9 months or so baby stool began to shape, generally found that the baby has a large performance will begin to numb to the baby to take off the pants, at this time you can consider wearing a separate bodysuit, the fastest and most convenient. In addition, 10 months old baby can help stand up, one piece clothes will look nagging.