With the development of the trend, fashion has slowly extended an olive branch to the children’s wear industry. If there is a treasure at home, the female baby must be dressed up as a little princess, and the male baby must be dressed as a little gentleman, and a well-dressed baby can increase the baby’s popularity index in the crowd. But there are many parents who have a headache, why my baby looks so beautiful, but the clothes always can’t be worn, in fact, children’s clothing also needs certain matching skills. As long as parents match with their hearts, they can also dress their babies and be a fashionable little trendster! What are the principles for choosing and matching baby clothes? How do boys and girls dress? How to choose children’s sports clothing? This article will teach you the most fashionable children’s clothing matching guide.

Baby clothing

The belly pocket is a versatile dress for babies aged 0-2. Protect your tummy from colds.

Monks are easier to put on and take off, similar to the shirt worn by monks, especially for newborn babies.

Butterfly clothing is especially suitable for 0-3 months baby, the dress chest tie design, the chest circumference is self-adjusted, the cuffs are arc-shaped, there are buttons, and it is a robe without buttons.

Jumpsuits, also known as jumpsuits, jackets, climbing clothes, etc., can protect the navel from cold.

The triangle can cover diapers, similar to a T-shirt with briefs jumpsuit, from birth to 2 or 3 years old, you can wear a wrapped ass for your baby, which is convenient and applicable.

The split suit is separated from the upper body and lower body, and is generally worn by 3-6 months baby, with a pullover on the upper body, a shoulder buckle design, and a high waist umbilicus protection design for the lower body.

Boys dress and match

0-1 years old prefer pure cotton, light clothing. Jumpsuits and split underwear sets are the mainstream, and intimate clothing is still recommended to be light-colored and cotton-based, and summer wrapped fart clothes are the best choice.

1-3 years old can wear split clothing, but can not wear elastic band pants, you can choose a simple cotton top, the bottom choose tank top jumpsuit or bib children’s pants, plus a small shade hat.

3-5 years old choose loose and casual clothes, which is conducive to the development of the body. Slacks, kid’s overalls, and a small shirt.

5-7 years old clothes can be simple and warm colors, simple solid color T, floral shirt and trousers or sportswear can be freely selected.

Girls dress and match

0-1 years old is best to choose a “monk’s suit” without a collar and a diagonal placket, and it is best to have a longer front and a shorter back, and it is also good to choose a jumpsuit and a wrapped ass jacket.

1-3 years old wear exquisite, free, loose casual clothes, cake skirts, ruffles and other skirts of the dress, bib pants are also very cute.

3-5 years old clothes should be comfortable, healthy, easy to put on and take off, resistant to dirt, simple tops and comfortable pants are very good. Not suitable for wearing elastic pants, if you want to wear pants, jumpsuits and bib pants are preferred.

5-7 year old pants, skirts, tops… There are many styles, and you should focus on practicality and gregariousness. But don’t choose too tight, the clothes should be firm and strong, and do a little embellishment, you can also wear some beautiful accessories.

Children’s sportswear

Children’s sneakers should choose soles with moderate flexibility and anti-slip effect, and the bottom of the shoes should be hooked to support the arch of the foot, and must be comfortable and breathable.

The appropriate sportswear material for children’s sports suits should be a blended material with a large proportion of cotton, which has good breathability, and cotton pants and cotton T-shirts are also good.

Children’s sports hats choose hats with light and sweat-absorbing fabrics, large brims, and heat dissipation, such as caps, sun hats, straw hats, etc., and it is best to choose lighter colors.

Children’s swimsuits should fit the size appropriately, the color is preferably bright, to choose a good material, the spandex content should reach 18%.

Parent-child outfits

The simplest way to match the same style of parent-child clothing is to wear the same style from head to toe and the baby, neatly corresponding, and pay attention to the details to be slightly different.

Some of the same parent-child clothes of the same color but different styles, or clothing with the same pattern and different colors.

Parents and children with the same pattern in the wardrobe to find some polka dots, stripes, plaid clothes styles, different items can also match warm.

Same-color parent-child clothing with the same color or the same color clothes, the same color echoes each other, can also create a feeling of parent-child clothing.

Pay attention to your baby’s dressing

Apply oil and cream before using diapers, the movements should be gentle, the size and cut must be suitable for the baby’s body shape, and the criterion is that one finger can be moved and two fingers are tight.

Before using the sleeping bag, you must wrap the baby well, and then put the baby in the sleeping bag, and the baby should be wrapped with Tongtan to let the baby’s hands move. But the feet can’t be moved so your baby doesn’t move the sleeping bag.

The jumpsuit unbuttoned all the buttons of the jumpsuit, laid it flat, and then placed the baby on the dress with the neck aligned with the collar. Wear the legs first, then the sleeves.

Jeans are best to wear less jeans for your baby, make sure to buy the right size, but do not wear them for a long time, it is best to choose light colors.

It is best not to wear leggings for leggings, try to avoid too thick, hard, and impermeable fabrics, and prepare an extra pair of comfortable pants in advance.

Down jacket It is recommended that babies wear down jackets until they are over 3 years old, choose a good quality down jacket, and choose the right down.

Baby shoes

0-6 months

Important: Too young and needs to be pampered

Key points for choosing shoes: comfort and warmth

Recommended footwear: pre-walking shoes, cotton socks, foot guards, sweater shoes

7-12 months

Focus: Safety first in the toddler stage

Key points for choosing shoes: hold your feet and be soft

Recommended shoes: toddler shoes, shoes with a higher upper and a deeper face

1-3 years old

Focus: Prevention of physiological O-shaped legs

Key points for choosing shoes: light and soft, non-slip

Recommended shoes: cloth shoes, sneakers, soft leather shoes

4-5 years old

Focus: The burden on the feet increases exponentially

Key points for choosing shoes: naked, breathable, non-slip

Recommended footwear: canvas sneakers, soft cowhide/sheepskin shoes

6-9 years old

Focus: High incidence of foot deformities

Key points for shoe selection: breathability, naked protection, shock absorption

Recommended footwear: Oxford shoes, small shallow shoes, thongs

10-15 years old

Focus: Fragile muscles and bones during rapid growth

Key points for shoe selection: shock absorption, breathability

Recommended footwear: sneakers, soft cowhide shoes, sneakers, travel shoes

Baby scarf

The baby’s skin is very delicate and sensitive, so you should choose a scarf made of cotton and linen and other materials when choosing a scarf, which must be soft and breathable. In terms of style, you can not block your baby’s vision and respiratory tract, you can choose a light, short and warm scarf such as a neck cover, buckle scarf, and hole-out scarf.

Baby hat

Consider comfort, practicality, and matching with clothing. Babies should choose to wear hats with light texture, soft touch, warmth and breathability; Hats for preschoolers should value seasonality and practicality; Under the age of four, the selection style should be lively, the color should be bright, and the color of the color over the age of four should also be beautiful and generous.

Baby gloves

Choose gloves of different thicknesses according to the temperature between the north and south. It is best to choose soft and convenient activities, malleable materials, must be breathable, warm, should try to wear cotton wool, fleece and other materials. The size must be appropriate. Babies should fix their own special gloves when wearing gloves, and do not temporarily put adult gloves on the baby’s hands.

Baby socks

Wearing socks protects your baby’s feet from getting hurt. Do not pick socks with too tight mouths and too long stocks, the elastic mouth should be wider and moderately tight. Choose socks with tight seams and thick bottoms. The socks should be slightly larger to give your baby’s feet room to grow. The décor is as simple as possible, it is best to buy it in dozens, and if you lose one, you can also match the same other socks.

Baby jewelry

Baby’s skin is sensitive, jewelry must choose sterling silver, pure gold, jade these three categories, usually bracelets, long-life locks, safety buckles, anklets and other styles. These jewelry usually have the meaning of longevity, health, peace and good fortune. Do not choose jewelry with edges or too thick chains, and it is best not to have some small structures on the jewelry that are easy to pull off, so as not to be swallowed by the baby.